Drawing & Painting Pet Portraits

PPF BLOG- 1.Pet Nose-011.Painting my Pet’s Nose:

It’s funny how one of the most difficult looking things to draw on a cat or Dog is their nose sometimes. I find if you get the nose drawn correctly the rest of the face will fall into place. With a few curly lines and a line in the middle you can accomplish this easily. With a shape like an anchor or a triangle upside down you can see the outline of the nose as one full shape. You can establish a big part of your pet’s personality with this one simple shape. It’s one of my favorite things to look at when I receive a new photo of a pet. From Bulldogs nose that are smushed in to Big noses like Labradors or German shepherds, to little petite kitty cats noses. Our pet noses are so full of personality, just like Whistler’s Schnauzer.


  1. How to Draw a dog nose. It’s the centerWallace Tennis Final



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Professional NYC Artist & founder of Pet Portrait Fun received her BFA from Syracuse University in illustration, and has designed for Disney, Nickelodeon & Warner Bros. She currently instructs pet portrait classes throughout NYC, at pet friendly venues where people can bring their dogs. In 2015, she was laid off from her graphic design job, and realized she wanted to create her own business where she could combine her love for animals and drawing. She received her certification as a professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and learned about dog behavior. It was clear that painting peoples beloved pets and showing them how to paint pet portraits with their dog present was her true passion. Initially starting her business with unique custom pet portraits. She then started holding Sip and Paint dog friendly parties or "Paint Your Pet Parties" at pet friendly venues in NYC, where customers watercolor portraits of their pets, pre drawn for them. They can also bring their furry friends with them to the party. After being featured in the NY Times the demand for "Paint Your Pet Portrait Parties" grew and she developed "Paint Your Pet Portrait - DIY Art Kit". She makes it easy for pet lovers to watercolor their own pets from a sketch drawn for them prior to trace and watercolor on their own. Individual customized intruction is always included. As a true animal lover, she also volunteers weekly at the New York City Animal Care Center, working to improve the behavior issues of shelter dogs, and help bring shelter animal adoption to the forefront.​ Pet Portrait Fun Paint and Sip parties in New York City as Featured in The New York Times (nytimes)

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